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DJ Shadow Drops Surprise EP, ‘The Mountain Has Fallen’

It features collaborations with Nas, Danny Brown, and Steven Price.
Foto por Derick Daily

Los Angeles beat producer and sample master DJ Shadow last night released a new EP, titled The Mountain Has Fallen, via Mass Appeal Records.

The Mountain Has Fallen serves as a companion piece to DJ Shadow's 2016 album, The Mountain Will Fall. It features four original tracks, including collaborations with Danny Brown, Nas (which debuted earlier this year on the season premiere of HBO series Silicon Valley), and British composer Steven Price, whose score of 2013 film Gravity won an Academy Award for Best Original Score.

In a statement, DJ Shadow shared how he'd turned down a major-label deal prior to making his last album in favor of more "high-risk" moves. "My thinking was, If The Mountain Will Fall LP ends up being successful, I'd be in a much more positive place in my career," he said. "With everything that's happened since it came out, I feel like I bet on myself and won. So I guess you could say that this new EP is my version of a victory lap. It's a celebration, and an extension of those confident steps forward."

Stream DJ Shadow's The Mountain Has Fallen EP below, and head here for a full list of his ongoing tour dates. Also read our interview with him about his latest album, which involved hiking up an actual mountain.