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The 90s Never Ended in Kamaiyah's Radiant “Build You Up” Video

The Oakland rapper has given us a straight up homage to TLC.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

I don't know if you lot have noticed, but it's 2017, which means it hasn't been the 90s for nearly two decades. Still, throughout those two decades, people have been longing out the 90s revival as if it's the sweet elixir of life. Look, we even wrote about how it should probably just stop. Because while we love Furbys, Limp Bizkit and spaghetti straps as much as the next pop culture fiend, there comes a point when these things reach their breaking point; when we are forced to push the world onwards, to other decades, to new references, new obsessions. Let us all embrace progression.


That said, Kamaiyah dropped a new video today for her track "Build You Up" and it's so self-consciously, unapologetically 90s it's like we've fallen through a time warp – viewed through the polished lens of today – and it's actually fucking incredible. Splashed in primary colours and old school street garms from beginning to end, with an array of dancers who are throwing out routines that reek of R&B greats like TLC, the video reads like a straight up homage, in the best way. It's something the rapper has confirmed on Twitter, saying: "My dancers have on TLC shirts and cross colours clothing in the Build You Up video because TLC is one my biggest influences – homage paid". You can watch the video above.

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