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Watch the Trailer for Kathy Bates's Pothead Sitcom 'Disjointed'

The Netflix series follows a lifelong pot advocate living out her dream of opening up a weed dispensary in LA.

Here's the first trailer for Netflix's new sitcom Disjointed, dropping us into the life of a seriously stoned cannabis activist and legal expert (played by Kathy Bates) running her own dispensary in Los Angeles.

The show comes from writers Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory) and David Javerbaum (The Daily Show) and premieres August 25 on the streaming service. Each 30-minute episode takes us inside "Ruth's Alternative Caring," a dispensary where Bates's character and her trusty sidekicks—her twenty-something son (The Night Of's Aaron Moten), her security guard (The Flash's Tone Bell), and a few budtenders—get high, sell pot, and talk shit about one another.

Following on the heels of Weeds and High Maintenance, Disjointed seems to be trying to push the new frontier of legal weed into television's mainstream—right as California gets ready to welcome in the new recreational market. From its dressed-down sitcom set, to the laugh track peppering each scene, Disjointed looks like a classic take on the weed-centric comedy.

Disjointed premieres on Netflix August 25.