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This Canadian Group Appreciates Alt-right Posters, But Insist They’re Not White Supremacists


Edmonton residents woke up Monday to posters peppering the popular strip of Whyte Ave. that heralded white identity and encouraged people "tired of anti-white propaganda" to check out websites linked to the so-called "alt-right" movement.

They were the latest in a wave of similar posters popping up in cities across Canada in the wake of Donald Trump's victory earlier this month. In Hamilton, Ontario, flyers also found Monday targeted those who wish to "preserve our culture," while other versions plastered around Toronto asked white people whether they were "tired of being blamed for all the world's problems."

While many have swiftly condemned the posters as hate crimes and acts of white supremacy, it's still unclear who exactly is behind them, and whether they're isolated acts or proof of a broader, earnest effort.

Speaking out for the first time, one group listed on some of the Edmonton posters denied any involvement in their creation or distribution, but told VICE News they welcomed it. Their supposed lack of involvement signals a possible disconnect between the online entities referred to on these flyers, and those on the ground putting them up. Regardless, the posters reflects a disturbing pattern of extreme right-wing ideology moving from the fringes to Canada's public sphere.

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