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Bam Margera Gets Back on His Board in the Premiere of 'EPICLY LATER'D'

Don't miss the first episode of the new series, debuting Wednesday on VICELAND.

On Wednesday, VICELAND is airing the series premiere of EPICLY LATER'D, a revival of the best show about skateboarding in the history of skateboarding. We're linking up with Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, Andrew Reynolds, and a host of other legendary pros to hear about their history with the sport, along with what they're up to now. The series kicks off with Bam Margera, who—after struggling with substance abuse, losing his best friend, and letting skating fall to the wayside—is finally getting back on his board.


EPICLY LATER'D airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on VICELAND. Find out how to tune in here.