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This Weed Olive Oil Makes Everything Better

Even pizza.
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On a recent mild mid-summer night, my friends gathered in a Los Angeles backyard for a pizza party. Some people brought the host wine. I brought the host drugs—in the form of Pot d'Huile, a California-grown, cannabis-infused olive oil. Pizza was made, wine was poured, and weed was drizzled.

Photo by the author.

Pot d'Huile checks a lot of boxes for the millennial food aficionado. It's a THC-filled extra virgin olive oil made with California-grown olives and California-grown cannabis. Yannick Crespo, a former finance guy, wanted to create an edible product that was easy to use and easy to control, but didn't know how to realize his dream. "We needed a scientist to actually create this product," Crespo told me.


Crespo turned to Allison Comiso Bordsen, a biochemist and molecular biologist with experience experimenting in the cannabis space. "She makes the magic in the bottle," Crespo said. "She came up with the formulation, she did all of the testing, and was able to create something dosage specific."

Photo by the author.

They launched Pot d'Huile earlier this year, bringing the weed-consuming public a tasty olive oil laced with Gorilla Cookies cannabis flowers, a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies. "We love using Gorilla Cookies because it has high THC and terpene content," Crespo said. "It was a good starting point because it's a very, very middle of the road hybrid. It's not overly sativa or indica based."

The stuff couldn't be more straightforward to use. There's one milligram of THC per one milliliter of olive oil, which means you know exactly what you're getting into (as long as you measure out what you pour).

Photo by the author.

"We recommend lightly dosing the first time around," Crespo said. "Five milligrams is what we recommend people start with. We don't want people to feel overwhelmed on the first go around. Peoples' tolerances vary greatly."

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While I went with dipping pizza in a pool of Pot d'Huile, chefs have been experimenting with the olive oil in much more interesting ways. In San Francisco, Barzatto chef Michelle Minori does an herbaceous PdH Basil Almond Pesto. And chef Wes Rowe of WesBurger N' More makes Willie Nelson Tots using frozen Tater Tots, garlic, parsley, salt, and Pot d'Huile.

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Pot d'Huile's flavor is grassy and subtle, and versatile enough to pair nicely with a lot of food. Pizza? Yes. Salad? Of course. Maybe I even took a swig of it right out of the bottle. Maybe I did that twice. There's a lot of room for inventiveness—just make sure to keep the oil below 314° F to retain the oil's psychoactive effects.

If you're in California, you can buy the oil online or in select San Francisco dispensaries in two sizes: 125ml ($50) and 25ml ($16). Unfortunately, no shipping the oil elsewhere. "We'd be breaking federal law if we were to do so," Crespo said. "We are only within the state of California," though he does plan on setting up sister entities in different states to offer more people the opportunity to enjoy his product.