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The Best Marching Bands on the Planet: VWOS

At the Louisiana rivalry known as "The Black Superbowl," gametime is at the half.

"The music is the most visceral part of being in Louisiana. I had goosebumps the entire time during the battle of the bands [between Grambling State University and Southern University]. The bands so often have to be perfect, but during the competition, with the light low, they were able to let loose and enjoy themselves. They deserve it. They're overworked. When there was a big horn part, the drums would start acting out, and messing around. It looked much more like a party. There's a shared pride to Historical Black Colleges [HBCUs] that make this rivalry different. Your average college rivalry can be jingoistic. But I don't think it's romanticism to say, 'oh it's different because it's a black school'—it really is different, and fortunately in a really cool way."


- Fernando Perez, host, VICE World of Sports

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