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Glasgow DJ Gets His Booze-Free Rave Idea Rejected by Nearly 20 Clubs

Who needs bevs when you’ve got raw cacao smoothies??
Photo via Flickr user Club Soda Guide.

It’s Dry January and your social life now consists of watching Adam Sandler films alone at 1 AM on a Saturday night or drinking four Diet Cokes in the space of an hour with people you don’t like. It’s dull, you only felt good for the first day and a half, and you’re considering taking up smoking again just to not be bored out of your mind.

It’s little surprise, then, that Glasgow-based DJ Ronnie Whittaker has struggled to get a club to host to his booze-free night. As reported by industry website The Drinks Business, the 44-year-old Scotsman was turned down by almost 20 clubs when searching for a larger venue to host his sober rave.

The night, described by Whittaker as a “conscious dance” event, has been running for two years, and will now take place in Glasgow venue Ivory Blacks, which has a capacity of 300. Instead of selling watered-down beer and spirits with fictional fruits flavours like “Appleberry,” the bar at Whittaker’s party offers health drinks made with raw cacao, guarana powder, and, erm, actual fruit.

The idea of going to a club without being spangled on coke or booze might seem horrendous to some, but Whittaker’s night has found an audience with anxiety sufferers and recovering alcoholics. Talking to The Drinks Business, he described the event as “even more electric” and with the same “banging techno and house.”

Put away the ket lads, it’s time for a key of raw cacao.