Live Out Your Don Draper Fantasies with This 'Mad Men' Prop Auction

Now's your chance to buy Don's red convertible.
March 20, 2018, 4:34pm
Photo by GONZALO/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Mad Men was brilliant on a lot of levels. It was a masterclass of writing (minus the "Fat Betty" arc and Ginsberg's nipple) and acting (minus Glen), but the thing that really held the show together was its design. The period sets and props were impeccable and you could spend as much time dissecting the meaning of why certain characters are dressed in plaid as you could talking plot. Now, thanks to a new auction, some of those brilliant props can be yours.


On Monday, ScreenBid auction house launched a massive Mad Men auction, selling off a bunch of famous items from the show—so if you want your house to look exactly like the Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce offices right down to the giant SCDP sign, now's your chance.

Most of the stuff for sale is furniture from the set, like dining room sets from Don and Betty's house and Peggy's old couch, or clothes from Stan Rizzo and Pete Campbell's closets. There are set design blueprints of major locations from the show, too, including Don's bachelor pad and the SCDP offices. Even Bobby Draper's little toy truck is up for grabs. And, sure, it'd be cool to own Pete's pajamas or Ken Cosgrove's green suit (eyepatch not included), but the best stuff, naturally, belonged to Don himself.


Don's purple heart medal, the one he got after stealing the identity of the real Don Draper in Korea, is up for auction, complete with a monogrammed case. So is the "box of secrets" that Adam Whitman gave Don in season one—old Dick Whitman pictures, dog tags, and documents included—and a rubber prop version of Don's roulette wheel cigarette holder.

Finally, the cherry red Chrysler convertible that Don drove around while visiting Anna Draper in California in season four is up for sale, too, and the starting bid is only $10,000—which isn't much more than Don would've paid for the brand-new car back in 1964. There are still two and a half weeks to go in the auction, though, so don't expect the car's cost to stay low for long.

Photo via Screenbid

Mad Men has been off the air for three years now and it doesn't look like we're going to get a reboot or spinoff anytime soon, no matter how much Jon Hamm wants to turn Sally Draper into the female Forrest Gump, but at least now you can pick up some props and act out some future episodes yourself like those kids who made that no-budget Star Wars remake.

The auction started this week and will continue until April 6. There are around 250 items up for grabs—head over to the Screenbid website to check them all out.

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