Family Life Is Hard on 'Lost in Space'

A boy and his robot? Netflix's 'Lost in Space' re-imagines a classic friendship.
April 23, 2018, 2:11pm
Image courtesy of Netflix 

In case you were way too young to have even been born around 1965 (pretty much all of us), the original Lost in Space centered around a the happy-go-lucky Robinson family, who were tasked with heading out into the unknown on a colonizing mission. Of course, in regular TV fashion, things go pretty wrong.

With this new edgy 2018 remake that's been airing on Netflix since last week, Will Robinson and crew are in the process of forming bond that'll spell the difference between life and death for the millennialized family. In this new featurette, we're getting a look inside their touching but still complicated relationship.

Lost in Space Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix if you need that low key Brady Bunch in space fix.

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