People Told Us the Highest They've Ever Been in Six Words
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People Told Us the Highest They've Ever Been in Six Words

“Thought I was in SpongeBob’s house.”

You don’t really know how insane being out-of-your-mind high can feel until you’ve experienced it yourself. And given one in eight Americans use marijuana, many likely have. Not every toke is going to rattle your brain, of course. But depending on how much you indulge (raise your hand if you’ve accidentally eaten half a pan of pot brownies) or if you’re smoking a particularly potent strain, you could be in for a wild ride. We asked lots of friends and coworkers, newbie puffers and old-timer huffers alike, to describe the highest they've ever been in six words. Here’s what they said.


“Shat myself; threw boxer/briefs in pond.” - Taylor, 33

“Thought I was in SpongeBob’s house.” - Zac, 34

"I forget, but it was bad." - Michael, 33

"Had to lie on Amsterdam sidewalk." - Anna, 23

“Couldn't open the Airbnb front door.” - Gabriel, 29

"Felt I finally understood the Beatles." - Kara, 27

“Thought my eyes were not mine.” - Olga, 21

“Thought Justin Bieber’s music was good” - Katie, 26

"Ordered to leave an art installation." - Lauren, 25

“Pissed myself while laughing too much.” - Kyle, 25

“Got in fight with the wind.” - Billy, 32

“I passed out while making food.” - Irene, 33

“Felt like God for split second.” - Anthony, 39

“Swayed back and forth for hours.” - Jeff, 35

“Smoked every 10 mins watching Heat.” - Brian, 43

“Welcome to Amsterdam; you're not OK.” - Kate, 27

“Laid down on a nightclub floor.” - Anne, 37

“I thought iHop waitress was psychic.” - Lauren, 25

“Bong. Then couldn't speak all night.” - Emily, 29

“Forgot how to send text messages.” - Briana, 38

“Fixated on a bird of paradise.” - Ryan, 32

“Watched Yellow Submarine. Drooled on myself.” - Dave, 29

“Felt like I entered another dimension.” - Jill, 37

“Thought I was on a boat.” - Jared, 39

“Couldn’t walk; slid down stairs headfirst.” - Lauren, 30

“Experienced colors rush over my body.” - Jenny, 31

“Believed I was in outer space.” - Courtney, 29

“Felt gears of life stop grinding.” - Laura, 22

“Could’ve sworn the moon was singing.” - Katie, 23

“Crashed my car outside police station.” - Brian, 38


“Thought I was swimming in air.” - Jackie, 36

“I could feel each iridescent raindrop.” - Ellie, 27

“Followed a dog for three hours.” - Zoey, 30

“Fell into bonfire on the beach.” - Andrew, 33

“Watched all Trapped in the Closet." - Savannah, 25

“Stabbed a couch with kitchen knife.” - Emily, 34

“Completely grasped the concept of Om.” - Brandon, 33

“Super Bowl edibles first-timer: sunken place.” - Courtney, 34

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