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Anthony Scaramucci's Restaurant Is Hosting a Meet and Greet for Sugar Daddies and "Stunning Women"

The Mooch is keeping busy eight months after his action-packed, ten-day tenure as White House Communications Director.
Photo: Getty Images - Taylor Hill / Contributor

It has somehow been 270 days since the straight-shootin’, fast-talking, sentient New York stereotype Anthony Scaramucci was appointed as the White House Communications Director and, unbelievably, it has been 260 days since he was fired. The MOOCH has stayed busy during the past eight months, launching a confusing internet…. presence called The Scaramucci Post, pinning a tiny American flag to his lapel before appearing on various FOX News programs, and more recently, hosting events for self-described “sugar daddies” at his Midtown restaurant.


According to the New York Post , on Thursday, Scaramucci’s Hunt & Fish Club is the place to be for a Sugar Social, where 25 “invited gentlemen” will meet and perhaps discuss what kind of compensation would be required if, say, one of the 35 “stunning women” involved would like to pursue a relationship. Dinner will also be served, because no one should have to listen to their would-be sugar daddy drone on about themselves on an empty stomach.

“Sugar Socials are our solution to a relationship on your terms—upfront and honest arrangements,” the event’s invitation says, according to the Post. “Meet with 35 stunning women the first hour over cocktails. Select one (or two, if you like) to join you for dinner […] Need help choosing the right company? Our host will pair you with someone of interest.”

Scaramucci’s publicist, Harold Bragman, said that the MOOCH would not be in attendance on Thursday, because the MOOCH is “happily married,” after his second wife dropped divorce proceedings against him last fall. Although money will definitely be changing hands on Thursday night, Bragman insists that sex-for-cash arrangements are not something that the MOOCH or the Club promotes or endorses. “Some club rented out a private room,” Bragman shrugged.

It’s not like Scaramucci doesn’t know what’s going down (ahem) in his restaurant. As early as 2015, the Hunt & Fish Club was being described as the go-to spot for “beauties trawl[ing] for sugar daddies” and for customers “with high to extremely high disposable income,”—a reputation that neither Scaramucci nor the spot’s other co-founders seem like they’re in any hurry to discourage. “If girls want to meet some men, this is where you meet them,” Carla Facciolo, one of VH1’s Mob Wives, told the Post at the time.

In Scaramucci’s defense, it seems like if you have enough cash to host your private party at the Hunt & Fish Club, you’re welcome to send an inquiry. The restaurant boasts three private event spaces, including one that contains “sculptures inspired by the scriptural Golden Calf.” (If you’ve skipped Sunday School for the past decade, the golden calf was an idol created by the Israelites who worshiped it while Moses was busy getting God to sign off on a few Commandments. The symbolism isn’t exactly subtle, especially when millionaire hedge funders are cutting their $62 steaks beside that particular bull).

“Hunt & Fish Club NYC Offers The Perfect Setting For Your Upcoming Event,” the restaurant’s website promises. “Whether It Be A Lunch, Dinner Or A Cocktail Party, Let Our Team Work Closely With You To Make Sure You Host An Event To Remember!” We’re pretty sure that at least some of the participants will remember whatever happens on Thursday night.