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What the Hell Happened to the Puck When it Hit Kris Letang's Skate?

During Game 1 of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers' opening round series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it sure looked like the puck split in two. How is that even possible??
Screen capture via NBC 

There are universal truths we like to hold dear: ice is cold, the earth is flat, and hockey pucks are tough as hell. Well, prepare to have your world rocked because it turns out pucks—like your mind—can get blown up.

Something weird went down in the opening game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Pittsburgh Penguins took on the Philadelphia Flyers, as a hard shot ended up splitting a puck in two as soon as it hit Kris Letang's skate. Just watch this madness:

A reporter for The Athletic's Pittsburgh bureau says that Letang later said a piece of his skate broke off, which would make more sense than a frozen hunk of vulcanized rubber splitting in two, though it has happened before. Either way, the referee appeared to take the puck out of play and he's clearly holding two pieces of…something.

Retroactively, it's pretty easy to tell who this was a bad omen for—the Flyers ended up getting wrecked to the tune of 7-0. Seems like the Flyers will make sure to keep that puck whole from here on out. Though they likely couldn't split the puck again if they tried.