Cancer, May 2018


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Cancer, May 2018

Venus enters your sign this month!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

This will be a social month for you, little crab! The Sun is currently in Taurus, illuminating the friendship sector of your chart, and Mercury enters Taurus as well on May 13, encouraging you to step out of your crustacean shell and connect with your social circle. Join a book club, a ghost-hunting group, a support circle — doesn’t matter! Just get out there and meet people, share ideas, and get inspired. (If you’ve been eager to learn more about astrology, now is a great time to see if there is an astrology group that meets near you.)


Emotionally, Taurus season asks you to connect with your heart and ask yourself what your dreams and hopes are for the future. This is a good time to take action and do some activism — or, if you don’t have the resources for that at this time, to read and share ideas with people.

This is a big month because Uranus will change signs for the first time since 2011, leaving impulsive Aries for steadfast Taurus. This will occur on May 15, which happens to be the same day as the new moon in Taurus. A total revamping of your social circle is going take place as a result. This is also an amazing time to put together a vision board — it’s a powerful time for manifestation. Uranus is the planet of invention and genius, of surprise and electricity. While it’s in Taurus, you can expect to run into tons of eccentric and brilliant people, and to come up with all sorts of innovative ideas. Again, this is a brilliant time to engage in activism.

Action planet Mars enters air sign Aquarius on May 16. This is an important time to break free from situations and relationships that no longer work for you. While some breakups might be imminent, this could also be a fantastically passionate time for intimacy. (Mars loves two things, you know: fighting and fucking.) It’s also a great time to pay off a debt that you owe. Need assistance from someone? Mars isn’t afraid of confrontation! If you’ve been figuring out the best way to ask your roommate to pitch in more money for cleaning supplies, Mars is on your side.


Sweet, lovely Venus enters your sign on May 19, putting you in a very cute and creative mood! It’s a great time to go shopping or give yourself a makeover. You’ve been feeling shy for the last few weeks, but you’ll be more openly flirtatious now. Tap into your sensuality — get a massage, cook yourself and a loved one a delicious meal, or spend a meditation session engaged in some sound healing. Venus in Cancer will find you approaching the world in a fair and charismatic way; it’s going to be very easy to connect with people at this time.

Sweet, lovely Venus enters your sign on May 19, putting you in a very cute and creative mood! You’ve been feeling shy for the last few weeks, but you’ll be more openly flirtatious now.

Gemini season starts on May 20, finding the Sun illuminating a very private sector of your chart — one that rules secrets and hidden places, sleep and time spent alone, as well as fantasy, imagination, and escape. Reflect on healthy, supportive ways to unwind and take a step back from life. Spend time at the beach (the crab’s natural habitat), take up meditation, or get wrapped in a brilliant book.

Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a few secrets; in fact, it could be an opportune time to share one of your own with someone you trust. Make more time for rest — Cancer season is around the corner, and you’ll need all your energy to party! This is sort of like your break before the Sun shines all its focus on you.


Lucky Jupiter connects with dreamy Neptune on May 25. Expect a huge surge of creativity and a sense of inner peace during this time. Deep conversations with friends will last late into the evening, and romance will be over-the-top and whimsical. Whether you choose to spend this time alone or in the company of people you enjoy, some profound spiritual realizations will take place.

The mood will shift quickly, though, as Venus opposes Saturn on May 26. This will result in a critical, picky energy; we’ll find ourselves questioning our desirability, and will likely hear a no answer to our longings. Promises that were made when everyone was going with the flow on May 25 may not be suitable to pursue now that Venus is getting cockblocked by stern Saturn.

A full moon in fiery Sagittarius arrives on May 29, and Mercury enters Gemini on the same day. Your inner voice is usually very strong, Cancer: You’re a very intuitive person. As Mercury goes through Gemini, you’ll grow even more deeply connected to this inner sense. This is a good time to dust off your dream journal and make some recordings. Full moons bring things to light, and as we discussed, some secrets are sure to come to the fore! What will you do with this sensitive information? Treat it kindly.

If a situation has been brewing at your day job, it will likely reach a climax now. This is also a good time to check in with yourself about your wellness routine, or to commit to breaking a bad habit. Your schedule may be shifting at this time as you say goodbye to old responsibilities and take on new ones. Sagittarius is a sign that craves adventure, and you need variety in your routine, Cancer. During this full moon, end commitments that are too rigid and not benefiting you as much as you expected them to.

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in June!