The New Chucky Movie Looks Surprisingly Good, and Scary as All Hell

Chucky is some sort of evil Furby in the 'Child's Play' trailer.

The world's shittiest toy is coming back, everybody! On Friday, Orion Pictures dropped the first trailer for the upcoming Child's Play reboot—and the thing is basically the scariest unboxing video you could possibly make.

The minute-long trailer is everything you'd expect from a new Chucky movie: Family gets new doll, doll turns evil, doll unleashes bloody reign of terror on family including somehow building an elaborate murderous contraption for the mom using only his tiny doll hands. But there are some major changes to the toy this time around—namely, that he's some kind of fucked-up Furby now.


The new clip opens with a fake commercial for Kaslan Corporation, which is apparently the tech company that built Chucky in this iteration of the story. That means that this time around, the killer doll isn't inspired to pick up a chef's knife because he's possessed by some evil spirit—he's, uh, just a malfunctioning robot or something?

The hi-tech Chucky has received some updates for this reboot—he can apparently scan the face of his unfortunate child owner, for one—and he's been rebranded with the name "BUDDI." But whatever new Wifi-enabled tricks this Chucky's got up his sleeve, Kaslan Corp has kept at least one thing the same: The little fella's still wearing the same blue overalls and striped shirt from the original films.

The new movie stars Aubrey Plaza and 2018 acting MVP Brian Tyree Henry and is produced by the team behind IT. It's the first Child's Play film to not involve the franchise creator Don Mancini, but he's currently working on a separate Chucky TV series for SyFy, so get ready for even more blood-thirsty dolls.

Child's Play is out June 21, the same day as Toy Story 4, in case you're in the mood for a double-feature about two very different kinds of sentient toys. Until then, give the surprisingly terrifying trailer a watch above.

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