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DRAM and, Uh, Neil Young Might Have Made The Weirdest Song of 2017

Presenting "Campfire," their collaboration for the soundtrack of Will Smith's new movie, 'Bright.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Weird musical collaborations can be very heartening. They're evidence that musicians have sprawling tastes outside of their own genres, just like the rest of us, and hearing what they come up with together is, more often than not, very good fun.

However today throws up what might be the weirdest one of the year. It's between Neil Young and DRAM for Will Smith's new movie Bright (previously we heard Marshmello and Migos team up for the same soundtrack). It essentially invents a genre, which is basically 'rap but make it John Wayne' and for that it must be commended. Hear it above and feel confused to a degree, but mostly just impressed by the fact that these two excellent presences on music's great landscape seem to have located the exact, trippy midpoint between their respective styles.

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