We Asked People About the First Time They Had Sex and Good Lord
Illustrations by Brandon Celi


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We Asked People About the First Time They Had Sex and Good Lord

“Threesome with best friend. We high-fived.”

Watching enough screwball comedies can lead you to believe losing one’s virginity will inevitably involve elaborate, wackadoo adventures. But IRL, it usually doesn’t involve a comical series of misunderstandings, pulse-pounding car chases, and romantic grand gestures. Having sex for the first time can be sweet, short, or even boring. There’s so much hype involved that when you’re actually in the moment, it can feel like a bit of a letdown once the deed is done. You can be forgiven for wondering what the fuss was all about. While the act itself may not be too memorable or pleasant, sometimes the fun is in the details: the squeaky dorm room twin bed, the thrill of doing something naughty somewhere you shouldn’t, or the unexpected nature of the encounter. We asked friends and co-workers how they lost their V-card. Here’s what they said…


“On a deflated blow-up bed.” - Sarah, 21

“Fold-out couch and tequila shots.” - Pete, 26

“Chapman University dorm, post-Rancid concert.” - Brian, 42

"In a pool house, soaking wet." - Tara, 23

"Went home during high school lunch." - Jack, 25

"No lie: with best friend's mom." - Brett, 28

“With a guy friend, for practice.” - Jessica, 41

“Summer theater party. Tired of waiting.” - Kim, 35

“Game of curious ‘Truth or Dare’” - Gabriel, 28

“Older hot boyfriend. In parents’ bed.” - Jenny, 36

“Boarding school tennis court in January.” - Diana, 29

“It only lasted 31 seconds. Sad.” - Tara, 36

“Happened in college to my first love.” - Wallace, 22

“College dorm room, skipped gym class.” - Tom, 40

“He snuck through my bedroom window.” - Laura, 28

“In his grandmother's apartment one night.” - Arielle, 26

“After prom: back of a car.” - Danielle, 26

“During Dumb and Dumber fart scene.” - Heather, 33

“The playground after dark. Twisty slide.” - Kate, 27

“On a couch. He was French.” - Ellie, 27

“Upon my request with a stranger.” - Allegra, 25

“Reluctantly in a Honda CR-V.” - Jennifer, 31

“First kiss, first love, first fuck.” - Cassie, 28

“Drunkenly fucked then ate a pizza.” - Lennon, 34

“Anti-climactic in so many ways.” - Allie, 25

“Hot tub on step-dad’s farm.” - Julie, 33

“Snuck into his bunk during camp.” - Natalie, 29

“House party. Found an empty bedroom.” - Stella, 23

“In sleeping bag under the stars.” - Cora, 32

“Twin bed, art school dorm room.” - Matthew, 36


“Watching 'Party Monster' during a snowstorm.” - Neal, 27

“Threesome with best friend. We high-fived.” - Beck, 25

“Upstairs, right above my dad's bedroom.” - Daya, 20

“Hotel room shower during Paris vacation.” - Paul, 38

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