Presenting 'Noisey Blackpool 2: One Year On,' the Sequel to our Massive Doc

Ya dun know!!!!!!!!!!1111!!11

Like the X-Files or the launch of Fanta Lemon, our Noisey documentary on Blackpool was an unprecedented success. Little T, Afghan Dan, Soph Aspin—they're all famous now. Or at least they are in their hometown and in the conversations had between London's biggest grime MCs.

So of course we would have been stupid not to release a follow-up documentary, returning to the seaside town a year on to see how the three of them are doing, how their notoriety online is affecting their daily life, what they've said recently about each other's mother, etc. Also according to one new member of BGMedia, there's a new Queen in Town. Watch above to find out.

You can find Noisey on Twitter.