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Watch Bonus Footage from ‘FILMAGE’ and See Your Favorite Punk Notables Profess Their Love of Descendents/ALL

Because what kind of monster doesn't like Descendents?

There’s no such thing as a casual Descendents fan. Either Milo Goes to College is your life anthem or you’ve never heard of it. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. FILMAGE: The Story of Descendents/ALL is the first film in the band’s 30-plus year tenure to capture not only the history of the band(s) but what exactly earns them the cult following that they have all over the world. For the filmmakers, it must’ve been daunting jamming three decades into 90 short minutes, so naturally, some good material had to suffer the axe. To celebrate the release of FILMAGE on DVD and iTunes today, we’re proud to present you with a few minutes of unused bonus material, which features everyone from Dave Grohl to Keith Morris to members of Rise Against, Blink-182, Hagfish, Minor Threat, MxPx, and countless other bands, sharing memories and professing their unabashed love of Descendents/ALL.

There’s one scene in FILMAGE (if you haven’t seen it, download it INSTANTLY, by the way) that perfectly encapsulates how no one is safe from Descendents geekdom: Fat Mike, who has traveled the world countless times over with NOFX, playing to hundreds of thousands of people, gushes, “I got to put out a Descendents record out on my label! How fucking awesome is that?” Pretty fucking awesome.