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Grandmas Are Accidentally Tagging Themselves as a Famous Rapper on Facebook

Happy birthday, lots of love from Grandmaster Flash!

One of the best things about the internet—aside from the obvious stuff like being able to download everything ever, watching pedestrians get run down on the Abbey Road zebra crossing, and being able to order food without putting on pants or leaving bed—is the fact that old people have caught up and are now online, infiltrating Facebook feeds, uploading photos, and tweeting one heavily abbreviated word at a time.


This has manifested in many great things: the oldest Lil B fan the world has ever known, that Twitter page where the Grandpa is convinced he's texting his son, and probably a fuck-ton of weird forums where old people hang out and shoot the shit. Old people are down with the internet—and the more they use it the more entertaining they become.

The latest and greatest thing to come from #OAPNet exists on Facebook. The site has a feature where you can tag friends, famous people, and miscellaneous objects into wall posts. Most people use it to show off; talking about hanging out with better friends in a better place than everyone else. But old people are different—and not just because they don't boast but because most Grandmas sign off messages with their name. This would be OK—except Facebook has started to auto-tag Nan as rap pioneer Grandmaster Flash, which has produced some pleasing results. Here's a few:

How long has this been going on? No one knows. But the Tumblr page (why is it always Tumblr?!) grampaandgrandmasterflash picked up on it a week or so ago. And, as of yesterday, Grandmaster Flash understands why so many old ladies have started appearing in his feed.

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