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Own the House Where Minor Threat Played Their First Show

It costs way more than $7.

Are you an eccentric millionaire who listens to hardcore? First off, thanks for reading Noisey, we are short in the eccentric millionaires demographic. Secondly, we have some news for you. You can stop bidding on those rare S.O.A. records on eBay because man, do we have an item you may be interested in. How would you like to own the DC house where Minor Threat played their first show?

As DC Urban Turf points out, this insanely geeky archive of every Minor Threat show lists the address, 1929 Calvert Street NW, as the site of the band's first show on December 13, 1980. According to the listing, these days, it’s a 4,500 square foot Victorian townhouse with four luxury (oooh, sounds fancy) two-bedroom units. It’s been recently renovated with hardwood floors and granite and stainless steel in the kitchen.


We've modified slightly to help you imagine.

You'll be screaming at a wall alright…attached to a sunny bay window!

Wow, this place is sounding pretty good. It’s only…2.1 million dollars?! OK, nevermind, that’s a bit out of our price range. But maybe you could call the realtor, Roby Thompson, and talk him down. Tell him it’s really unpunk of him to charge more than $7. Surely that will go over really well.

Also, let's be real here: It’s no Dischord house. Call us when the Dischord house is for sale.