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We're Really Excited for POP Montreal

Ah yes, POP Montreal. The last breath of fun before winter descends on Quebec and makes everyone sad.

The-Dream: not only does he luv your girl, he's headlining POP Montreal on Friday night.

It's the end of September, which means Montreal is already beginning to prep itself for that bitter winter we all love complaining about. Heavier coats start coming out of closets, people talk about the weather constantly, and many people start looking for that seasonal hook-up that will keep them warm throughout the upcoming hellish months. But in the last weekend of September, before we all start getting seasonal affective disorder, we've got POP Montreal. Arguably the best independent music festival in Quebec if not Canada, and a who's who of our city's music scene. Heck, it's a who's who of music in general, plus art plus fashion plus film—the list goes on.


So that's why over the next few days, I'll be documenting all of the zany Queeb shenanigans for Noisey in my very own POP Montreal Diary. In the meantime, take a look at some of the events we're stoked on over here at Noisey Canada and start planning your drunktacular weekend of live muisc.

Greezy Steez II - The VICE & Monster Energy Party with Killer Mike and Tre Mission, September 28th @ Cabaret du Mile-End

Let's get this one out of the way early because we all know it's going to be the best. Besides that, all I can say is: "Killer Mike," "Tre Mission," and "make sure you RSVP and show up early because last year I did neither and the line wrapped around the block and I couldn't get in."

Ssion & Dresden Dresses, September 26th @ Eglise POP Little Burgundy

A queer-scene icon, Ssion's (pronounced "shun") live show embodies the spirit of POP Montreal—hundreds of eccentric misfits dancing and having the time of their lives until the sun comes out. Ssion has made videos for Santigold and CSS, so the visual spectacle alone should be reason enough to attend.

Oh and as for the incredibly weird Dresden Dresses, look no further than this interview I just did with Antoine.

Majical Cloudz, September 27th @ Sala Rossa

In March I was at an after party for a Majical Cloudz show, and I traded some dude two beers and a slice of pizza for their EP. Nice trade, ya doofus! Anyway, they've been rapidly building hype, and will probably play a much larger venue this time next year, so make sure you catch their set now, while it's still as intimate as it should be. Devon Welsh makes time stand still with his patient, powerful voice, and Matthew Otto's sparse instrumentation compliments him perfectly.


Mathematique, September 27th @ Kathy & Kimy

Mathematique is the synthpop dance project of Pascale Mercier. She has incredible versatility—her tone has progressed from 8-bit videogame melodies, to fat synths inflected with her haunting voice, and the occasional tropical steel drums.

The-Dream, September 27th @ L'Olympia

I remember in high school, my friend who I sat on the school bus with every day (because we never got our driver's licenses) was really into The-Dream and we would always listen to him on her iPod in the morning. I remember being about 16 and thinking I could never become a master of seduction so long as The-Dream lives. This theory has held up pretty well over the years, by the way. The-Dream has one of the velvetiest voices in R&B, not to mention slick, dare I say, brilliant production.

Pierre Perpall, September 27th @ Eglise POP Little Burgundy

Pierre Perpall is Quebec's original disco legend. He's been partying all night long since the 70s and he's still got it. Honestly, how many disco parties do you ever have the opportunity to attend? If you said "none," then you weren't lying. So don't miss this one. Plus, how can you not be charmed by Pierre's refreshingly honest website?

Moonface, September 29th @ Ukrainian Federation

When I first moved to Montreal, everyone was going apeshit over Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. Both of those bands are brainchildren of Montreal's own Spencer Krug. His most recent solo project, Moonface, has a slower, more sorrowful pace than his previous bands, and will sound beautiful in the Ukrainian Federation—one of the coolest places to see a performance in the whole city.

Check back tomorrow for day one of Noah's POP Diary.

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