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Jai Paul's Brother (And Long Time Collaborator) Released a Song

A.K Paul and Nao dropped a track called "So Good" and it's So Good.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Jai Paul—the internet's mystery. Did he leak his own album? How did we predict that it would be leaked? Does he have a day-job? All three questions have no answer but we can find solitude in two things—XL's in house-producer Rodaidh McDonald has confirmed that Jai is currently recording new material, and until then we've got a new track by his brother, and long time collaborator, A.K Paul.

This is A.K Paul's debut feature as a vocalist and named artist - although the multi-instrumentalist has worked behind the scenes for several years. "So Good" is the second single from East London singer Nao. A bold track title but fuck it, it's honest.



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