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Premiere: Blue Sky Black Death & Deniro Farrar's "Cliff Of Death" EP

Like standing at the precipice of death and feeling pretty psyched about it.
December 20, 2012, 9:00pm

Seattle seems like a weird, dark place, what with all the rain and Grunge and saddest Tom Hanks romcom and stuff. Blue Sky Black Death is a production duo with one foot in Seattle, one foot in San Francisco, who rose to Internet Prominence with their work with the Seattle MC Nacho Picasso. Now they've teamed up with the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Deniro Farrar for an EP entitled Cliff Of Death. It includes a track titled "Just In Case The World Ends…" but even if it didn't, this EP is still the hip-hop equivalent of standing at the precipice of certain death and feeling mostly pretty alright about it. Stream it below, and download it at Blue Sky Black Death's BandCamp.