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American Sound Exactly Like Bruce Springsteen (If He Started Listening Only to Noise and Black Metal Tapes)

Check out the new track from 'Coping with Loss' below!

Are you proud to be an American? Did you put on your finest colors for the World Cup and the Fourth? Do you still chant “USA USA” like Bush and Cheney never left? Well, American -the band- might make you rethink all that.

The Virginia black metal duo will release their debut record, Coping With Loss, on August 19 on tape and digital formats through Sentient Ruin Laboratories. This comes after a series of demos and singles, and their previously limited distribution might have less to do with their obscurity than with the metal populace might not be ready for this. “Decadents” is the second track from Loss, and like the computerized voice that leads off the track, you’ll be begging to whoever you believe in to kill you for mercy. American lean on the noisier side of black metal, emitting lo-fi blasts for low hopes. Fans of Les Légions Noires, Krieg and Ash Pool will appreciate American’s static walls. While it’s got that all-encompassing wash typical of black metal, it only takes you into a world of pain that may not be the escapism you’re looking for. Or maybe it is -- we don’t discriminate against sadists.

Given that they’re from Virginia, some sludge influences manage to creep in, but American are not made for gorging on pig’s feet. Choking on pig’s feet, maybe. “Decadents” is the anti-social jam you’ve been scouring every wretched forum and Blogspot for.