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Kill Your Demons in Faith No More's New Video for "Separation Anxiety"

As manic as ever.

This year, Faith No More released their first new record in eighteen years Sol Invictus, reminding everyone they can still do the damn thing. Today, the band is releasing a new video for one of the tracks, "Separation Anxiety." On the song, Patton's voice is as manic and strange as ever, going from low and distant singing, to quick and raspy whispers. The video takes the song and soundtracks it to the film Daughter Of Horror, matching the pace and tension building of the visual. The plot follows a young woman as she tries to distinguish reality from dream, as she sees a man in an all black mask rise from the grave. It will make you want to find a copy of Daughter Of Horror, and see if all your old Patton tapes line up perfectly in sync with the film.


You can pick up the band's newest record Sol Invictus right here.