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Watch Golden Ratio Syrup's Unsettlingly Beautiful Short: "A Screaming Comes Across The Sky"

We can now reveal the identity behind Golden Ratio Syrup is Rudi Zygadlo and this epic short is a cinematic must-see.
September 24, 2015, 11:00am

Sit up and pay attention because this is going to get a little confusing.

In January an eponymous EP by someone going by the name Golden Ratio Syrup was released via the label NOREMIXES—a fledging music home conceived by Philadelphia's PJ Geissinger a.k.a. Starkey. (The rational being that NOREMIXES will focus on synth music, electro- acoustic, ambient and modern classical styles.)

At the time no one knew who was behind GRS, it was merely hinted that the sonic strangeness, featuring wildly pitch-shifted vocals, plaintive keys, and what we can best describe as a kind of time warp weirdness, was the output of an already established musician.


We can now reveal that the mastermind is one Rudi Zygadlo, former Planet Mu artist, recent Mad Decent affiliate and all around London-dwelling, Scotland-born artiste. Not content with putting out electronica-weird-pop under his delightful-to-pronounce birth name, the multi-inststrumentalist has decided to branch out and below is the premiere of the video for "A Screaming Comes Across the Sky," lifted from the Golden Ratio Syrup EP. And if that phrase sounds familiar, gold star brainiac: it's a line from Gravity's Rainbow the 1973 Thomas Pynchon novel.

It's a 10 minute tune and its accompanying video (below) is a collaboration Cut Tongues. They describe this cinematic short as "a carnival of absurd sports across North East London’s wastelands." It's beautiful and slow like oozing tree sap, sure to induce a rising state of heartbeat-quickening panic with every minor piano chord struck. And those far-off creepy baby burbles? Yeah, we no likey. This feels like the appocalypse is imminent and the world is running upside down.

Here's what Cut Tongues and Zygadlo and this to say about the whole shebang:

"This is a highly personal project. The three of us have spent a lot of time together, listening to chamber music and taking certain mind exploding chemicals. The idea to collaborate came from that psychotropic period. We (Cut Tongues) were greatly inspired by Rudi's piece of music. Our starting point was the piano sequence. Its painfully slow tempo connoted an image of laborious and aimless struggle.

"We then began to look into Erik Satie, who is explicitly referenced in the composition. Satie was an eccentric, to say the least: he claimed to only eat white food, kept two grand pianos stacked on top of each other, one for storage, and once sentenced himself to death in a letter to a Parisian newspaper. His sense of carnival and penchant for games inspired a whole series of invented sports, a Breugelian human landscape if you will. This is the central idea for the film: life as a meaningless sport with an arbitrary set of rules. And yet we must throw ourselves into it with joyous abandon."

Now that's a mission statement we can get down with.