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PREMIERE: Here's the Slick New Brandon Flowers Video for "Still Want You"

The Killers frontman does black and white and Bryan Ferry cool.

Following his recent solo single, "Can't Deny My Love," The Killers frontman returns with "Still Want You"—the video for which is premiering above. Musically it's a side step to the left from the 80s bombast of "Can't Deny…" incoporating a wonky synth line, gospel refrains, and a playful swagger.

Director Warren Fu—who's worked with Flowers and The Killers extensively, as well as directing the best Haim video, and promos for The Strokes and Daft Punk—is responsible for the visuals which have a timeless, cool quality to them, and it's not just because they're in black and white. There's something about the singer's bearing, his slick suit, styling, the sexy furrow in his brow, that recalls Bryan Ferry and a pinch of Bowie.

The LA-based director had this to say about the collaboration: "I was immediately drawn to this song when I first heard it… It is so catchy, but a bit left field sonically, a strange concoction of rock/gospel. When I heard the chorus I pictured hands in front his face doing see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil type moves. When I showed [producer] Ariel Rechtshaid an early edit he said he loved it but, 'put more hands. It's iconic.'"

Fu added: "Brandon told me after first cut, 'It just makes you smile. Not many people are doing that these days…'" Quite.

The Desired Effect is out on 5.19 via Island Records.