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Listen to Danger Beach’s “Mirage” and Try Not to Dribble That Half-Price Daiquiri On Your Linen Pants

Lachlan Thomas aka Danger Beach shares the latest track from his forthcoming album 'Contact'.
March 9, 2016, 1:24am

Danger Beach’s latest track “Mirage” brings to mind the feeling that comes with wading ankle deep in surf while wearing white linen trousers. There may be another 30 minutes until the beach bar starts serving half-price daiquiris but everything is chilled. Real chilled.

Taken from Contact, the third full-length album by Lachlan Thomas (formerly of Assassins 88 and TV Colours) the cool and breezy synths nod to Tangerine Dream and Wendy Carlos.

Thomas completed the album, due for release April 5 on Dream Damage, after relocating from Canberra to New York City. Check the album trailer below which features the track “Forever”, an instrumental version of Jonny Telfaone’s "Romeo Must Cry" which we premiered last year.

‘Contact’ will be available digitally and on cassette April 5 through Dream Damage records.