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Ezra Koenig, iLoveMakonnen, and Despot Wrote a Song Together in Our Office on Live TV Last Night

Listen to "Giving You," the freestyle that happened last night when we went live on VICELAND.

Still via VICELAND

This weekend, our TV channel, VICELAND, was streaming live—for the first time ever—from Governors Ball, the music festival in New York City. It was fun! It also was kind of a disaster! But it was never more of a disaster than yesterday, when the actual festival was canceled. But since we still had all the equipment and people, as well as all the time to fill, we came back to the office and put together VICELAND's first-ever live TV extravaganza, an hour of basically nothing on live TV.

A few friends came through to help out, including comedy duo Desus and Mero, a.k.a. Bodega Boys, and the musical trio of iLoveMakonnen, Despot, and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. The three are friends and have worked together quite a bit before, most notably releasing the certified classic "Down 4 So Long" a couple years ago. Last night, for the broadcast, they decided to write a new song on the spot, on the grand piano in our office lobby. It rules. Makonnen sings "I'm giving you some real choices / to be or not to be" and then runs with the idea, eventually hitting a run of just repeating "I'm giving you" over and over again. Is it a new certified classic? That's for you to decide, but noted tastemakers Desus and Mero have already spoken, and they loved it. Watch it below, and check out "It Ain't Easy Being the Man," another song Makonnen shared on the piano later in the night as well.

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