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Mermaidens’ ‘Seed’ Sounds Like If Sleater Kinney Were Pagan Goths

The first track from the Wellington trio's forthcoming debut album is full of heathen darkness.

Wellington’s Mermaidens describe their sound as witch rock and there’s definitely a necromantic feel about “Seed”, the first single from the trio’s upcoming debut album.

With breathy vocals and lyrics about changing seasons, wild trees and things growing, it all seems a bit heathen and dark. Imagine if Sleater Kinney were a pagan Goth band.

The band started after Lily Paris-West and Gussie Larkins vowed to try and get onto the Camp a Low Hum lineup. With the addition of drummer Abe Hollingsworth the Camp dream became a reality as did two self-recorded EPs.

With members heading overseas things have been quiet on the live front of late but that should change when their debut album is released in early 2016.

Mermaidens debut album will be released in early 2016.