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PREMIERE: Tesher's Adele and Lil' Yachty Mash Up Will Turn You Into An Emotional (Ship)Wreck

Tread these waters lightly or drown in an ocean of feelings.

Photo courtesy of Tesher

This post originally appeared on Noisey Canada

We'll be the first to admit there are a lot of "Hello" remixes and mash-ups out on the internet. However, we can confidently say "Hello Yachty" courtesy of Saskatchewan-producer Tesher is without a doubt the greatest one, ever. Responsible for Gucci Mane/Weeknd's "Tell Your Friends/Lemonade" and A.R Rahman/Drake's "Satrangi Diamonds," the producer combines the infamous Adele single with Lil' Yachty's power emo-boat opener "Intro," into a ridiculous track that will leave you awash in an ocean of feelings. Perhaps, even a river of tears. Nevertheless, listen to the track below. No floatation devices required. Listen to more Tesher mixes here.

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