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Does the Next Lil Kim Live in Calgary?

Coming live from the Notorious C.A.Lgary

Being influenced by Lil' Kim is a rite of passage for any rapper of the fairer gender. The lasting influence that Kim has over the generations that followed her breakthrough into pop culture is a testament to how relevant she continues to be. For futher proof, look to Calgary, Alberta, the hometown of Canadian rapper Ayoo Angie, who recently released her video for "Big Momma Thang", a tribute to Lil Kim's Faith Evans diss-track.

In the video, Angie and her female cohorts stunt through an enclosed parking structure wearing plush fur coats as she raps boasts and threats in an alluring rasp. Scouting good locations in the winter for rap videos must be hard in Calgary, so we admire her making the best of things and getting her "Mercy" on in an empty garage. The first thing you notice about Ayoo Angie is her voice. It's deep and commanding while still feminine and coy, something not seen since Lil Kim was the queen of rap. Any artist emerging from a city known best for its mountains, oil and rodeos with such a commanding grasp on their strengths is rare. If nothing else, this uniqueness makes it worth checking for future Ayoo Angie projects.