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The Greatest Stoner Metal Playlist Ever of All Time

Just in time for 4/20.
April 19, 2013, 4:45pm

Are you a metalhead who likes weed, but whose friends only listen to Sublime and Incubus during smoke seshes, breh? Have no fear, even when narcs are near. I've assembled a Spotify playlist of metal jams that will impress your friends and send you into reefer slasher madness. You'll end up as godly as the shaman taking a huge bong hit on Electric Wizard's Dopethrone (pictured above).

The mix is divided into four sections: we start up with some doom, take a brief excursion into faster territories, blaze (pun totally intended) through a forest of 420-friendly death metal, and end on a rather sludgy note. All the songs either have weed references—two of the bands included are named Bongripper and Cannabis Corpse—or are appropriately heavy for when somebody pulls out some shit that's, like, three different types of weed all grown together mane. There's all sorts of stuff here, from death metal stalwarts Morbid Angel and Obituary to up-and-coming Denver amp friers Primitive Man to Brujeria's parody of the Macarena titled, fittingly enough, "Marijuana." And of course, just for the lulz, we've included songs from No Zodiac, whose ignorantly heavy jams hide the fact that they're straight edge, and Thou, whose vocalist Bryan Funck also abstains from the green.

Also, shouldn't Sleep like, totally hire Geezer and Tony and leave Ozzy in the dust? Whew, this playlist might be getting me a bit buzzed. If you wanna take that discussion further, jam this while you do it.

Andy doesn't smoke. He's also on Twitter - @andy_oconnor