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Ancient VVisdom Does "The Devil's Work" in New Video & Discussion with Head of the Church of Satan

Check out the new music video AND a video with the AVV frontman discussing Satanism with one of the heads of the Church of Satan

Satanism is real.

That is to say, the Louvin Brothers weren't entirely off the mark. In the simplest terms, Satanism is a diverse set of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on the ideas of personal freedoms and pleasure ascribed to by thousands of people across the globe. There are a variety of different sects with varying belief systems, the most well-known of which is Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. The mainstream media still loves to howl about devil worshippers and clutch its pearls about animal sacrifices, but in reality, Satanists aren’t nearly as are or exotic as your Sunday school teacher led you to believe. They’re musical. They’re passionate. They’re politically active. And they’re not going anywhere.


One of modern Satanism’s foremost practitioners, Eric Freeman, sat down with Vice earlier this year to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the Satanic way of life. He’s articulate, level-headed, and one hell of a snappy dresser, coming off as the best modern envoy for Satanism since LaVey’s majestic goatee passed from this earth. Check out the video below.

Turns out, it’s an awfully small world when you’re down with the Devil, and Freeman is a close friend of Texas death rock outfit Ancient VVisdom’s vocalist, Nate VVisdom. The pair first became friends during VVisdom's tenure as the drummer of Integrity, and kept in touch as he began anew with Ancient VVisdom. The recently two sat down to discuss their mutual Satanic beliefs, and recorded the conversation for posterity. The half hour-long chat takes place in a room lit only by candles, while our subjects wear black, of course, and amongst other things, talk about the positive effect Satan has had on their lives.

Ancient VVisdom’s latest album, Sacrificial, hit stores on October 28th via Magic Bullet Records; cop the CD, digital, or vinyl version here, and don’t forget to hail Satan as you play their new video for "The Devil's Work" above. Or maybe you don't need to; the video depicts a satanic ritual and lays out the AVV manifesto in clear subtitling: "I am here to do the Devil's Work."