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Drake Rented A Private Room at Sing Sing Karaoke Last Night

Drake and his crew took over a private room at Manhattan's best karaoke bar last night to play some new music for themselves.

Sing Sing Karaokeis tucked away on Avenue A in Manhattan, near Tompkins Square Park. It's dingy; but it's one of the best karaoke bars in the city, and here's why: besides their whole BYOF (Yes, that's food, not flask) policy, you can get an entire room to yourself to sing over 12,000 songs for $8/hour (or $4 on special nights). None of the rooms are soundproof, the couches look like they're from an old Off Track Betting location, and there are drink buttons in the room—a handful don't work, but still, press a button and there's booze.


None of that's really that important. What's important is that Sing Sing hasn't updated their catalog with any of the new tracks from Drake's Nothing Was The Same album, which dropped in September. Sure, that's a problem for half of the dudes in New York who want roll through at 3 a.m. and serenade their ex-girlfriend, but it's double problematic because Drake walked into Sing Sing last night around 2 a.m. with his mini-entourage, and rented a private room.

Friend of the Blog Drew Hartman, was throwing back some drinks in the front area of the spot when Drake popped out of the back room to grab some drinks at the bar (Looks like that drink button wasn't working after all). Meanwhile, a sloppy drunk 40-year-old dude thought rapping over Rihanna songs may get Drake's attention. It didn't. He posed for some photos; appreciated all the praise of Nothing Was the Same from the five people hanging around the bar, and then headed back to his private room where Hartman says he was playing some of his own music—most of which was not off of his latest album.

We highly doubt he was singing his own music, plus SingSing hasn't updated their karaoke list since Take Care which means there's only four songs he could possibly sing—"Best I Ever Had," "Find Your Love," "Headlines," and "Take Care." Maybe he was playing the final cut of "Trophies?" But, don't worry, Sing Sing has got Aaliyah's catalog on lock so we're hoping that's what he was listening to while Chubbs watched and waitresses refilled his white wine spritzer.


Drake's a fan of karaoke. He used it as a metaphor for fame in his Thank Me Later song, rapping "I remember when you thought I was joking/Now I'm off singing karaoke/Further than I've ever been."

Drake popped up on stage at Saddle Ranch on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles a few years back while some fan was singing "What's My Name?" But now Drizzy joins the list of A+ celebs including Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway who also love Sing Sing.

You can actually tour the inside of the spot right here onGoogle Maps.

Meanwhile, Jhené Aiko—who has been appearing on certain stops on the Would You Like A Tour? adventure—was kicking it with Drake's dad—Dennis Graham—in Miami. Drake's performing there tonight alongside Miguel and Future at American Airlines Arena. See here:

And, it looks as though they were at Wet Willies, which is one of the tackiest (also, fun) chain bar/restaurants ever, which Jhené looks like she had too much fun at. But who wouldn't when you're partying with Dennis Graham:

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