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Fuck Deer Tick. Bryan Cranston, Channing Tatum, Conan O'Brien, Kirsten Dunst, Artie Lange, Billy Bob Thronton & Others Agree

Share the hate. They dare you.

Seriously. FUCK Deer Tick.

Check out the video above and join Channing Tatum, Bryan Cranston, Dave Hill, Wyatt Cenac, Billy Bob Thornton, Conan O'Brien, Artie Lange, and many others to help join a truly important cause, screaming "Fuck Deer Tick" as loud as you possibly can. Share your best Fuck Deer Tick video and tag it with #fuckdeertick on twitter or instagram. Winners will receive:

1st prize - Fuck '[Your Name Here]' from Deer Tick + Ltd Sky Blue Edition Vinyl + CD + signed poster + pennant + tickets to 2014 headlining show

2nd prize - Ltd Edition Sky Blue Vinyl + CD + signed poster + t-shirt + pennant

3rd prize - Negativity Vinyl + CD + signed poster

ICYMI, check out our recent interview with Deer Tick.