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Premiere: Dej The Ego - "DeezPeez" (Produced by DTE)

Dej The Ego succeeds where other British hip hop artists have failed.
October 2, 2015, 11:29am

What does East London rapper, producer, and engineer Dej The Ego have that other artists don't? He's got a degree in clinical pyschology, for a start. On a musical tip though, he's somehow suceeded where others have failed: he's a British artist making hip-hop that isn't too indebted to the United States and manages to retain a sense of the identity witheld on these shores.

Back in July, Dej promised a new EP which hasn't yet arrived. So think of this new track, "DeezPeez", as a sort of taster until his debut release Good Rapping, Bad Singing drops in October. Listen below: