This story is over 5 years old.

Tommy Cash Drops Extremely Disturbing Video, Continues Reign as Dopest Estonian on Earth

Cash is back to satisfy twisted needs you didn't know you had with new single "Winaloto", complete with grotesque naked bodies and hot Siamese twins.

Screengrab from "Winaloto" video

This video has it all. Colossal human pyramids. So much skin. Musical drumming on a big, blubbery fellow's fat belly. A little guy flicking you off from atop the shoulders of said blubbery fellow. Tommy Cash's face smushed between and disturbingly melded together with all of your favorite lady parts. Oh, the smushing.

This masterfully absurd video for the lovable Estionian miscreant's new single "Winaloto" instantly makes you feel like you've accidentally stumbled onto an Estonian porn set on really good shrooms. In it, Tommy Cash continues to fling his caustically baller post-Soviet beats and flows at us, while making Ninja from Die Antwoord look like a regular, sensible member of society.

So here's what inevitably happens next: You will hit play. You will spend 3 minutes and 28 seconds vibing hard and forever relinquishing your innocence to a mind-scrambling montage of dafuq-did-I-just-see moments. You will then stare at your screen for about 10 seconds, jaw gaping, trying to comprehend the next-level bizarreness of what you've just seen, and wondering why the hell you liked it so much.

Then you will hit repeat.