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South London's Kadiata Presents His Alternative Vision For Trap In The Video for "Goodnight"

Listen to him successfully merge the turnt-up sound of trap with the murky, grey and blue assonance of inner-city living.

Between Bonkaz "We Run the Block", Skepta's "It Ain't Safe", and even the more radio-orientated tracks like Meridian Dan's "German Whip", it's evident London's music scene has found some inspiration from its traphouse counterparts across the pond. Unlike when the creme of Britain's urban music scene Chipmunk, Dizzee, et al found themselves imitating the sound of United States chart bangers, these latest tracks have a distinctly British feel, merging the turnt up soundboard of trap with the murky, grey and blue underbelly of inner-city, towerblock living to varying degrees of success. Which leads us to South London's Kadiata. Based out in Pimlico - having moved from Angola at the age of four - he describes his latest track "Goodnight" as some "type of alternative trap". More than that though, it captures the assonance of twilight-zone street-lamp lit journeys through Britain's murky, rain-soaked streets with deep, enthralling production and a hook that's easier to jump onto than the 24 bus. Watch the video now, premiering on Noisey.

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