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Premiere: Swallow Those "Bitter Memories" With the New Video by Bahamas

They want to make you feel things with this old school hand-drawn video.

There’s always been something a little old fashioned and handmade about the music Afie Jurvanen makes as Bahamas, so it’s not surprising that for the new video for the song “Bitter Memories” he’s opted to eschew digital effects and high production values in favour of an old school hand-drawn animation approach.

“I like anything where you can really see the labour involved,” Jurvanen explains. “I wanted it to look rough, and like it took a lot of effort.” Rather than turn to conventional music video directors, Jurvanen called on visual artist Heather Goodchild, who works primarily with textiles, as well as painting and installation art.

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“My friend Heather has basically worked on everything I’ve ever done. For my first album, Pink Strat, she and I silkscreened the first two hundred covers in my living room. For my second record, she made this rug that said Bar Chords for that cover, and came up with that whole idea. She’s basically been involved in the general aesthetic of what I’ve been doing since the beginning.”

Her concept for the video has also provided him with a new item for the merch table, as they’ll be selling the original hand-drawn frames from the video as one-of-a-kind posters at his upcoming shows. After all, it’s not like he or Goodchild were going to wallpaper their apartments with the drawings.

“She did about a thousand drawings of my face for this. I think she’s sick of looking at me now.” Watch the video for “Bitter Memories” below.