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Premiere: CTZNSHP's Latest Song Is A Cover of The Knife's "Pass This On"

For when you wanna make a little noise and reminisce at the same time.

You may remember CTZNSHP as the band we called a “young, restless version of The National.” Now, coming off of the release of their sophomore album, All Things To Sea, CTZNSHP have released their latest effort. The track is a cover of Swedish electro duo The Knife’s 12 year old single “Pass This On.” Swapping out the dominant steel drum melodies of the original with reverb laced guitar licks, the Montreal band have revamped the pop song into a synth rock sensation.


"We all love The Knife and the song in particular," said the band over email "It's sinister, it's sexy, it's great to dance too, but it's also a lament. It has all the elements we like to explore within the band. When we play "Pass This On" live it has a tendency to go off the rails for both us on stage and the crowd."

Catch the band playing the Passovah festival on August 26th, or at POP Montreal on September 15th-20th.