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The Noisey Canada Mix - VeryRareLove

Don't get your heart pressure up, turn down with a new mix by the Toronto collective.

Kids these days love "turning up." They never say what they're turning up to, or just what the "what" is that they insist on turning, but sometimes keeping up with all their "hip" slang can be a lot for a person's soul. Fortunately, the creative team at Toronto's Very Rare Love collective have come up with a mix that's dedicated to soundtracking your turndown. Curating a playlist of dozens of talented musicians from Canada and beyond, producer HMLT did a great job of blending the tracks into one cohesive listen that's able to soundtrack a day at the desk or for when you're out for an autumn walk around town. Follow the members of VeryRareLove, fcktg and Kyle Harrison, on instagram.