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Settle In, Space Out, and Start Planning for Burial's "Where You Rest Your Head At Night"

Don't miss PfB at Saint Vitus on 4/16!

Thom Wasluck is Planning For Burial, a fully-contained, one-man band who delves into shoegaze, metal, black metal and other elements to craft somber, emotional songs. Think Jesu and you're in the same ballpark. PfB is hyper-prolific too, it seems every time you turn around there is a new release on the table whether that is a split, a new cassette, or an EP. LPs, that's a different story though, as PfB is readying his first long-player in close to four years with Desideratum, due via The Flenser on May 13th. We have a stream of a track from that release, "Where You Rest Your Head At Night," available here for the first time. Dig in.


Reminder, Planning for Burial hits Saint Vitus on April 16th with the US debut of WIFE, Psalm Zero and Greg Fox. You should come, tickets are still available for this Noisey event.