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Cloud Nothings: "Fall In" Video

Cloud Nothings enlist the help of some Busby Berkeley style showgirls in their new video.
October 11, 2012, 9:00am

What is that kinda Busy Berkeley, synchronized-swimming-but-not-swimming dancing they used to have 15 minute routines of in old Hollywood musicals called? I dunno the exact term, but that's what this new leotard-heavy Cloud Nothings video is full of. A black-and-white affair, the boys stay scruffy as they're flanked by an army of showgirls who transform themselves into a human kaleidoscope. Which actually makes a really refreshing change from the kaleidoscope "I filmed this on my MacBook Photo Booth" effect being used in EVERY VIDEO EVER at the moment.

Watch for yourself below.