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Modern Baseball’s New Video Will Make You Remember How Fun and Depressing Your Graduation Was

The Philly young'ns' "Your Graduation" will make you nostalgic.

Life changes after graduation. Some of your closest friends drift off and you never see them again, sometimes you suddenly grow out of your goth phase and buy clothes that aren’t black and actually fit properly (which your parents are usually thrilled about), and sometimes you get super depressed when it dawns on you that life is pretty much all downhill from there. That’s sort of the feeling behind Modern Baseball’s video for “Your Graduation”.

The video captures all those nostalgic moments: the long awkward conversations, the crippling isolation, and also the skateboarding and partying with your buds. The song is off the Philly young’ns’ album You’re Gonna Miss It All which, if you don’t own yet, OH MY GOD GO GET IT PROMPTLY at Run for Cover Records. One of the most fun albums of the year.

They really did a great job with this video. Throw your caps in the air, strip out of your robe, go streaking, and check it out above.