This story is over 5 years old.

Redway Heats Up With "On Fire" Video

The talented Toronto lyricist is back, and this time he's brought along stunning visuals and a beat from musical prodigy, Wondagurl.

Redway has been one of the most consistent underground rappers to have come out of Toronto in recent memory. His introduction to the musical landscape of the city came from the release of his first single "TDotWire Freak" in 2007, a song that attracted the attention of local radio stations back when they would still play local rap music. Since then, Redway has been honing his craft and consistently releasing projects that eclipse his previous work. His 2013 mixtape, Live Free, showed significant growth in the artist, as Redway expanded his creative range to rap about more than just meeting girls on sketchy internet forums.

Redway is now prepping the release of his third solo project, Years Ahead, which will be fully produced by Mississauga-native Wondagurl. This will be Wondagurl's first complete album, as she's previously worked on songs for artists like Ryan Leslie, SZA, and Jay Z. "On Fire" samples "Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon, and is reportedly not going to be included on the final track list for Years Ahead.