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Check Staunch Nation’s New Video “Mainies” and RSVP to Catch Them at our Sydney Party

Ray Chanel gives some tips on the best way to yell from a moving car.
July 28, 2014, 12:07am

Ray Chanel, MCGC, J-Willy, J Palm, T-Billz and J Saavy are back. Back in the HSV and back on the streets, tipping in Rio Bravo’s and yelling shit from the window.

As we mentioned last month, Staunch Nation are a bunch of Sydney fellows “rapping at half the speed and double the stoned”. Imagine 36 Chambers, only directed towards dreadlocked guys in hi-vis from Penrith.

“Mainies” a new track from their upcoming mix-tape Finesse, includes Melbourne’s HTML Flowers on chorus and has Ray Chanel and MCGC dropping some western Sydney street knowledge.


Meanwhile the film clip, produced by Staunch Nation associates Raw Nature Films, has them getting blazed and hitting some dodgem cars.

Finesse will be available at Staunch Nation's appearance at our Noisey party in Sydney next month.

We asked Ray Chanel what makes for a good mainie.

Noisey: What do you ride?

Ray Chanel: The joy is an array of vehicles. An urban blitz. Dad’s XR6 or HSV. Or just get ripped and go to the dodgems.

Best music to bump when doing mainies?

Farnham, Chief Keef, Balinese Gamelaen while sipping lassies or tracks from our soon to be released Finesse mix-tape.

And Guinness? But straight from the can or bottle is kind of gross.

We just said ‘Guinness stout’ because it rhymed with ‘round about’. I can’t actually fucking stand the taste of that Irish mud. We would naturally be drinking Rio Bravo or Coconut Bacardi.

Staunch Nation play our NOISEY party in Sydney next month. Entry is free but you’ve got to RSVP!!

Wednesday August 13 at [Good God]( ) with Milwaukee Banks, Moonbase Commander and Mike Who. RSVP HERE

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