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Billy Corgan Defends the KKK's Free Speech and Blames Music Pirating on the Government on Info Wars

Look at the 'fit!

Billy Corgan is many things—singer, guitarist, Pumpkin, whatever a Zwan is—but his most amusing gig of late is guest on conspiracy theory hawk Alex Jones' Info Wars. The two have had all sorts of kooky talks over the last few years, and today's is no difference. Dressed halfway between basketball geek and charming cat lady, Corgan begins by hinting that he's made some kind of Making a Murderer-esque docuseries about America but goes on to accuse the government of turning a blind eye to illegal downloading because they're in bed with the tech industry and muse on the current fears of a tech bubble burst as comeuppance for creating clickbait about artists like himself. For good measure, the duo snark people who get all of their news from just one source. The full interview on Jones's website contains barbs for social justice warriors and a prickly defense of free speech involving the Ku Klux Klan. Watch footage of the latest Corgan/Jones tagteam below and brave the full interview here.