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Lose-Lose: Fall Out Boy Is Playing the Canadian Super Bowl

Canada is being taken advantage of.

The number one name you assosicate with professional sports is about to go international, as Fall Out Boy gets set to play the halftime show at Canada's Grey Cup in Winnipeg on November 29. Since they've already ruined the mood of ESPN's audience with their song "Centuries," which was played so often on the station that Wentz and co. actually apologized, Fall Out Boy have set their sights on TSN's audience.


The Grey Cup is awarded to the best football team in the Canadian Football League, and past winners include the Roughriders and the Stampeders. Those of you wondering why Canada has its own specific football league would be interested in knowing that this isn't the exact same type of football they play in America, with a number of differences being introduced to speed the game up for impatient Canucks.

“We’re honored the CFL invited us to perform during one of the country’s most monumental events,” said Pete Wentz, likely through bouts of laughter. “Plus it’s pretty rad we get to watch the game in person.”

Let's get ready to politely rumble as we watch American musicians co-opt our national pastime in an attempt to gaint hundreds and hundreds of new fans. At least homegrown legend Bobby Bazini will be doing the opening anthem, saving Canada forever.

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